Welcome to the world of innovative, healthier, safer and more comfortable construction. If you imagine a new home, you want a home by world standards then Steco Center is the right choice for you!

Our modern and innovative system follows the world standards in the building, as evidenced by numerous foreign projects and our highly satisfied clients. Because the work that we do makes people feel happier and satisfied, we also have a great recipe for it – 5xE:



We offer you original design for a healthy and pleasant stay. Choose a solution that is economical, sustainable and tailored to your needs.


STECO construction is characterized by superior energy efficiency, which is very important, since in this way a lower energy consumption for heating and cooling is ensured.


The production of STECO facilities is based on the most contemporary principles and world trends. Many years of experience, knowledge, the use of modern technology and the use of modern and ecological materials, provide you with a healthy and pleasant life.

Best quality
For many years, building our name in the field of construction, we managed to position ourselves in the very top of the construction in the Europe and beyond, thanks to the quality of service and construction we offer.
As a primary job, construction and assembly are still today after more than 20 years.
We build objects of all surfaces
We have built and built facilities of all surfaces, from 10 to 5000 m2, with the capacity to design, manufacture and assemble about 200m2 of buildings per day, which is one of the largest capacities in the environment.
High quality materials
The choice of materials that we use in the preparation and construction of our facilities are exclusively the highest quality materials with all the certificates.


BIH – “STECO CENTAR” d.o.o. BIJELJINA Kojčinovac bb,
76316 Janja, BiH

+387 55 545 300
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We have built the most modern and largest factory of prefabricated houses in the region of 15,000 m2 of production plant. Also under construction is a new carpentry factory of 2,500 m2, as well as another factory of prefabricated houses of modern technology. The current facilities under construction are multi-family and multi-apartment units in Germany, Switzerland, France and Croatia. The Steco Center has launched a new market in the United States and deliveries are already well under way.
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