All materials we build in our prefabricated houses are officially categorized as “incombustible” and “low combustible”, and wood as the basic element is additionally coated with fireproof gypsum or fermacell boards.

When we talk about classical building materials and their reaction to fire the fact is that concrete elements crack and metal loses stability due to deflection and twist…

These give the advantage to the wood comparing to other building materials.

Wood creates protective layer that cuts oxygen supply and thus protects flame spread. Fire that burns wood surface layer creates carbon and that layer is with extremely low temperature conductivity coefficient what creates natural fire spread protection.

It is very important to emphasize that wood does not loose it’s mechanic-elastic features during spread of fire.That is why the entrance of fire fighters into a burning building with wooden bearing construction is rather safe as the wooden construction does not collapse for a certain period of time.

We apply all the necessary wood protection – against insects and fungicides as well as fire protection F30 – F60 and F90 by prescribed pillars and beams sections for bearing construction.

At the special purpose buildings and rooms that are additionally under risks of fire (boiler rooms and similar) , the special fireproof gypsum-boards are installed for 180 minutes protection.

Laminated wood constructions are practically self distinguishing if there is no flame source that accelerate burning and they may be overstressed with steel bars for increased buildings bearing capacity.

If, and when the fire starts in a house the walls and ceiling do not burn but furniture, curtains, carpet…..

…Fire is always a consequence of human negligence and carelessness, and not of bad calculations or legal norms.

STECO prefabricated houses … live safely, healthy and comfortable!