Our thinking and work goals while designing and constructing low energy buildings is to enhance and maintain quality and standard through aesthetic and energy STECO FAST concept that leads to the BETTER LIFE!

Prefab houses are no longer firmly limited and uniformed. Nowadays our houses have become recognizable not only by unique construction technology but also by their style, due to the team of top , young engineers and architects. Our houses are quality, contemporary, long lasting and every detail matters during the construction.STECO FAST – ( Future And Smart Technology )- research and development of way of living for BETTER LIFE!


STECO FAST concept 5E as our guidance – Efficiency , Ecology, Energy, Ergonomics and Aesthetics. Living better today means not only comfortable and pleasant stay in the house but also comprehensive and responsible attitude towards the environment. The basic principles during the creation of STECO houses for BETTER LIFE are ecological and quality materials, contemporary technologies application, highly educated and motivated team of professionals, aesthetics and functionality with strictly respected deadlines and Your ideas. We especially take care of originality and individuality as they are very important to people with style.Preparation of home for a new hi-tech generation is creative challenge and important obligation in our work. We use natural materials and apply contemporary technology while cooperating with top experts so to keep up with trends imposed by modern life style.We take care of natural environment as well as of specific needs and wishes of future tenants. High goals and standards we achieved demand the constant progress for your and our BEETER LIFE!

STECO FAST is 100% guarantee for the complete pleasure. The essence and meaning of our work is human approach during the development and application of the contemporary technologies with natural materials. Technological development, new materials innovation and, especially, the awareness of limited energy sources nowadays demand to design and construct energy-efficient buildings for easier and better life in future. At the same time we have been developing different energy-efficiency building types what includes issuing of energy efficiency certificates for every new-built and /or constructed building.

STECO designs and constructs buildings adjusted to all Your individual needs and wishes. Our goal is to create marvelous home, revive your dreams and together ensoul it. We are aware of present revolution in thinking and creation of living and work space that establish future trends. That is why we do not leave anything to chance, combine technology and functionality with optimal utilization of space for Your maximum pleasure of creation and living. We combine technology, modern science achievements, modern men needs and top design. This enables us to create houses and other buildings that are compatible with your lifestyle and gives you the pleasure of harmonious life. Personalized design defines our way of work with You- our customers. We take care of environment under all functionality standards, Your wishes and needs and that is what make Your home special and unique.

We design and construct houses and objects according to the highest standards, following these procedures:

1. Project task: define all the necessary elements and steps for goal achievement.
2. Experiment and research: explore new options for better look and the best solutions.
3. Cooperation: work of the top experts in combination with knowledge and experience of all participants.
4. Idea and innovation: constant improvement and progress on a basis of Your wishes and needs.
5. Communication: during the project the partnership lasts with You and we stick to agreed.
6. Maintenance:our constant quality control and we teach You how to maintain Your house
7. Satisfaction: good work is the best reference on our and Your pleasure.

Good work is the best reference on our and Your pleasure.