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The prefab buildings are constructed of prefab panels where the basic construction is wood. Other elements that are used for panel production ,in addition to the wooden construction are: insulation materials (mineral wool, styrofoam, stirodur..), panel materials (OSB, QSB, fermacell, gypsum boards…), joints.

Prefab houses are buildings that are not constructed at the building site, the elements produced in factory are panels or modules and they are transported to the building site. As the housed are built of elements the owner has no problem in adding new rooms or roof solar panels. These houses can easily be adjusted to specific construction location making this way of construction far more flexible and modern that earlier. Prefab houses design is a great challenge to any architect nowadays. Design becomes more and more inventive by using the various geometrical shapes and ecological materials.This is how this type of houses follow the development of contemporary architecture and sustainable way of construction and living. The great advantage is that there is no waste after construction. Prefab materials and houses are becoming more and more marketable worldwide.

Purchase of prefab house has many advantages comparing to the traditional construction: Catalogue selling (with possibility of changes) – offers customers to clearly see what construction phase is get fro the calculated amount, what is involved in which price (roof cover, doors and windows, floors, ceramic tiles, sanitary ..) and what type of materials (customer can additionally pay for material changes quality- and price wise ) Mild flexibility- clear starting points (design, materials, construction phase) make all the possible design corrections and agreement on details easier, the changes in costs are clearly defined. Speed and simplicity of construction – construction is 3 to 4 times faster than the traditional one, the return of investments is faster, too. Superior quality- reached out of the site in production hall due to the stronger quality control even in the design preparation phase of similar types.

Environment-friendly- effective production with less waste,cleaner construction less pollutants. Safer construction – it has been proven that modular construction is safer than the traditional one. Smaller number of work force- teams for construction and finishing works include less number of workers at the site. Lower fees for designers -standardized modular building details simplify and decrease needs for special disciplines involvement.

The price- prefab construction is far cheaper that the traditional one ,considering all the mentioned parameters.Prefab houses are the best solution for everyone – in terms of price, quality, thermal insulation, clearly defined contract details, construction time, completing works,…In addition to this the prefab houses are of a far larger potential. There is no need to limit them with poor architecture ideas, materials, systems, equipment…They are energy efficient and environmental friendly and these are their legacy for future.Panels assemble in done on the fully automated tables. System of these tables functions on a principal of two connected processes. The first process is assemble of frame- construction and closing one side by construction layer. The second phase of work is turning the assembled construction on the opposite side of table (hydraulic lifters) where panel is filled with thermal insulated wool and then the second side is closed by construction layer. During this process laying of vapor barrier (foil) and tubes distribution for late cables installation ,are also done. Such prepared panels are hooked with crane and transferred to the hall for facades application. Wooden frame, together with construction layer, provides statical stability and resistance of the future building.Thermal insulation wool layer provides positive thermal building features. Interior coating is after construction smoothed and colored with finishing colors on buyer’s choice.Preparation at the building site involves construction of simple and cheap foundation as the construction of prefab building is extremely light and there is no need for massive foundations.Unload of elements is at the same time the start of construction as the elements directly from a truck are placed on foundations on the spot defined in the construction scheme.

Prefab houses are produced in closed halls, some processes may be automatized and the most important: bad weather does not influence tempo and quality of construction, so it is possible to fulfill guaranties for quality and deadlines. Standardized production – as processed in closed halls provides control of material and energy spending, the savings are large. Wood, that is the basic material in construction for years has become even more present in construction of contemporary buildings. Small volume weight of wood comparing to steel and concrete is not negligible as well as relatively large strength and easy processing. Small material resistance to temperature changes, possibility of construction and dislocation of construction include wood into materials that are equal to other construction materials. Solid wood is resistant material and slower burn than steel or concrete pillars.Wood is a cheap material as it’s processing and production demand less energy consumption comparing to other building materials.

Constructive panel coatings are OSB , Fermacell ,Gypsum boards…These elements provide static stability and also significantly influence building physics (finished building thermal features). Insulation materials used for prefab construction are: stone and glass wools, various types of styrofoam, hard -pressed styrofoam….The latest methods in these materials production provide the best results regarding thermal -technical features of prefab buildings. Joint fittings, necessary during the production and construction, provide high stability level and safety of panels as well as of the construction in whole. The joint fittings of large capacity and strength are used during the assemble of all elements.

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